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About U.F.M Designs

In 2015 I helped out a friend who owned a local Murphy bed showroom. Like everything, there is a range of quality with Murphy beds. Some are made of wood, some particle board, some use high-end Selby Murphy mechanisms, some use springs. The one I sold the most of was made by a wood furniture company I had worked with here at UFM. And it was made solid! Two sheets of plywood on both sides and the Spanish built Selby mechanism. This one sold itself!

So when I decided to offer Murphy Bed’s/Wall beds here at UFM Designs, it was that high quality I was looking for. And I found it! Our current suppliers low end bed starts with two 3/4” sheets of plywood per side and the Top rated Selby mechanism. You might pay a little more for an all-wood Murphy Bed, but when it works as promised and lasts for decades, we think you’ll see the value.

When your making a purchase of a Murphy bed buying an all wood bed is preferred. When done right, this purchase can add value to your home.

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